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What to choose?

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In accordance with current French legislation and decrees, pool owners must install a standard safety system, at the latest by the end of work on the pool.

What to choose?

This law concerns private in-ground (or partly in-ground) pools, not closed (i.e. open air), for personal or joint use. Your choice is governed by the 31 January 2003 law number 2003-9, the 31/12/03 decree number 2003-1389 and the 07/06/04 decree number 2004-499.

There are four families of pool safety systems:

  • The pool protection barrier (standard NF P 90 306)
  • The (standard NF P 90 307) with perimeter and/or immersion detection.
  • The pool safety cover (standard NF P 90 308) (automatic winding covers, bar-type covers, safety covers or nets tensioned above the copings...). Not to be confused with the flexible floating pool sheet.
  • The shelter(standard NF P 90 309)

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