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iMAGI, arguably the most innovative swimming pool system of the last ten years.


The only swimming pool system with a remote control unit as standard, to give you control over your comfort, your safety, and your energy consumption.

iMAGI is a comprehensive swimming pool system that combines control software, a touch-screen interface connected to the pool, and an application. The iMAGI app, compatible with all Smartphones and tablets on the market*, lets you interact with your swimming pool via its interface :

  • Remote control of its equipment :
    • heat pump,
    • filtration system,
    • lights,
    • counter-flow swim
  • Real-time information about :
    • its pH and Cl levels,
    • the weather,
    • the water temperature,
    • the air temperature,
    • the position of its shutter (open or closed),
    • its parameterized alerts,
  • Closer contact with your Piscines Magiline dealer :
    • On-line tips and advice
    • On-line services

Managing and predicting the temperature of your swimming pool becomes child's play! You own a house with iMAGI and a heat pump; you can anticipate your arrival by activating your heat pump and programming the ideal temperature !

Savings, because the heat pump is no longer necessarily either in 24/7 operation or off.

You control your energy consumption and make the most of your week-end

The iMAGI app's system of alerts lets you interact with your swimming pool from a distance; iMAGI finds and applies the right response to any problem that arises, and keeps you informed. With iMAGI, the swimming pool becomes simple, stress-free, under control.

iMAGI can manage more than just your swimming pool; it can also remotely control, via its app, the opening of your electric gate, the automatic sprinkling or lighting of your garden, etc.; all it takes is a simple connection.

* access to these tools is by annual subscription.

Requires an internet and/or Wifi connection.