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Solid colors

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Solid colors

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Solid colors

Both flexible and strong, the Piscines Magiline 75/100ths pool liner adapts to any look you may choose.

Factory cut and assembled, they are fully taut, strong and pleasant to touch. Its up to you to choose your colours or patterns from our large catalogue.
And to vary the enjoyment, if you want to change the pool liner if you change your mind, the only work required is to unclip it!

Adorn your pool and choose the colour of the liner:

  • For clear, crystalline water, opt for a sand pool liner
  • For water as blue as the sea, pale blue is the ideal colour for the liner of your future pool
  • For a contemporary style, the black or grey is very effective.

Ask your Magiline Dealership for advice, they will be able to guide you.

Piscines Magiline, Passion for pools.