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BAEL Calculation Rules

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The enthusiasm for strength and durability

BAEL Calculation Rules
See the strength test film (crane test)

As tough as a bridge or tunnel ! Meaning how robust and durable Magiline pools are! Magiline pools have the benefit of an especially reliable manufacturing concept. Their reinforced concrete structure fully meets the BAEL (Béton Armé aux États Limites) calculation rules, the same "standard" as applies to buildings, bridges and civil engineering works.

The modular structure composed of self-shuttering polypropylene panels is an entirely novel process, patented by Magiline. By means of this technical innovation Piscines Magiline is able to offer totally integral, modulable pools that combine strength and flexibility. While the first meets the requirements of quality and safety, the second opens the way to an infinite number of aesthetic add-ons.

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