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Magiline swimming pools, a citizen company

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Efficient and environmentally-friendly innovation

Magiline swimming pools, a citizen company

As we are now fully aware of the need to protect the planet, the Piscines MAGILINE pool manufacturer and designer asserts its position as an ecological company.

Since the company was established in 1994, Piscines Magiline has always integrated an environmental approach into its production and long-term usage products. Over 87 international patents have been filed.

“Our pool structure : 80% of selected, sorted and recycled materials. The “eco-energy” award received in Belgium perfectly reflects the Piscines Magiline philosophy concerning sustainability and ecological awareness”.

As we manage the production line from start to finish, Magiline can place the environment at the heart of its research and its development. The Magiline structure is alveolar, or cellular, and is therefore stronger, offers better thermal insulation and requires just the right amount of reinforced concrete. The patented FX Line pool filtration system can filter 15 microns, that is to say up to 3 times finer than a traditional filter (50 microns). With FX Line, the use of chemical and treatment products is the refore minimal. Its closed water circuit avoids water being evacuated into ground water or sewerage systems when cleaning. Electricity consumption is reduced up to 3 as the patented FX pump operates for less than one hour, while providing better results.

The MAGIguard and SECURItech shutters, built using 100% recycled blades, lie perfectly on the water’s surface. They thereby contribute towards maintaining water temperature and limit evaporation.

Lucie and Lightis, our 2 lighting systems, are equipped with energy saving LED bulbs. The Lightis bulbs use 60 Watts providing the same level of lighting as a 100 Watt bulb. Lucie proposes 14 different swimming pool ambiances using 30 Watts while providing the same level of lighting as 300 Watts.